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DR.A.T.T.E.’s activities and proposals are supported by the Ministry of Tourism Development. The association collaborates with the Organization of Tourism Education and Training (The Educational Body of the Ministry of Tourism Development), the Hellenic Federation of Hotel Directors, the Attica Union of Hospitality Managers, the Cretan Hotel Directors Association, the Beach Hotels Union, and the Hellenic Barmen Association. The Municipal Enterprise of Tourism Development of Sifnos is an official member of the union as well.

Α.DE.Τ.Τ.Ε. collaborates individually with several tourism institutions and Municipalities, while it maintains excellent relations with the tourism press.

Tourism Research Institute

T.R.I. is created to serve the scientific purposes of DR.A.T.T.E.

World Tourism Academics

A union of all the world Professors on Tourism Sciences

Journal of Tourism Research

A refereed open access scientific web journal

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