Within the scopes of the union is established the Quality Evaluation Institute (Q.E.I) which researches Quality Managing Methods for tourism enterprises.

A.DE.T.T.E. develops a variety of activities for the achievement of its aims. More analytically:

  • Operates a bureau of linkage between employers and employees of tourism
  • Materializes  educational programmes for its members on issues of software for tourist enterprises and career issues  
  • Allocates specialised advisors on postgraduate tourist studies issues
  • Runs the education at work for employees in the hotel enterprises, with all the expenses being covered by the program LAEK.
  • Organises and materialises, missions of advisory teams for hotel enterprises. The aim is the direct improvement of the quality of the product, the operational improvement, better cost control and a sales orientation function.  
  • Undertakes and implements researches and studies on behalf of tourist enterprises and tourist hosting regions towards a more efficient developing plan.
  • Runs scientific teams that examine the present conditions, concerning the tourist education and the tourist policy.  Afterwards a plan is constructed according to what was initially required.
  • Allocates specialised consultants on postgraduate tourist studies issues. This service is offered every Wednesday from 18 :00 until 20:00 after fixing appointment.