The Tourism Research Institute (T.R.I.) of AD.E.T.T.E. is organizing:


that will take place on June 5th - 8th of 2021




Andreas Papatheodorou Professor in Industrial and Spatial Economics with emphasis on Tourism and Director of the MSc Programme in Strategic Management of Tourism Destinations and Hospitality Enterprises, Department of Business Administration, University of Aegean, Greece.
Judit Grotte Associate Professor, Head and Founder of International Hospitality Management Specialization Budapest Metropolitan University Budapest, Hungary
Heba Mahmoud Saad Professor of Islamic Archaeology Faculty of Tourism and Hotels Alexandria University. Former Head of the Tourist Guiding Department, Former Vice Dean for Graduate studies and Research, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Alexandria University.
Célio Gonçalo Marques Associate Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar (Portugal). Coordinates several courses of ICT applied to Tourism and Cultural Heritage. Director of the R&D Unit TECHN&ART dedicated to the Promotion and Enhancement of Artistic and Cultural Heritage. President of the Scientific Council of the Management School of Tomar.
Dina Ezz El-Din Dina M. Ezz El-Din, Professor of Egyptology Faculty of Tourism and Hotels Alexandria University, Egypt. Ex Head for the Tourist Guiding Department
Paris Tsartas Professor of Tourism Development, Harokopio University. Director of the MSc in Tourism Business Administration, Open Hellenic University, Rector of the University of the Aegean (2010-2014), Editor in chief in Tourismos, Member TRC, EUA
The aim of this conference is to provide an opportunity to academics and researchers, professionals of tourism, and particulars from all around the world, to meet, exchange ideas and collaborate.
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