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All about Tourism


Tourism can connect business and hapiness

DR.A.T.T.E. ???



DR.A.T.T.E meaning, is “Action for the Development of Tourism and Tourism Education” and it is a non-profit Association based in Athens.

 It was established and operates by Professors of Higher Tourism Education IN 2001.

– The Tourism Research Institute (T.R.I.), which has been created in order to serve the scientific purposes of the union and has an academic orientation.

– The Tourism Activities Quality Evaluation Institute which is oriented towards tourism businesses.

Many Conferences...

DRATTE conferences are supported by:

One Conference center in University of West Attica. Maybe here....

Not only conferences...

DR.A.T.T.E = Tourism + Do it better

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Tourism Research Institute

T.R.I. is created to serve the scientific purposes of DR.A.T.T.E.

World Tourism Academics

A union of all the world Professors on Tourism Sciences

Journal of Tourism Research

A refereed open access scientific web journal

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