¦ΔΡ.A.T.T.E.¦ (Action for the Development of Tourism and Tourist Education) is a non-profit Association situated in Athens. Executives of tourism enterprises and professors of third degree tourist education created it with a view to:

  • ensure the permanent contact of education with the job market 
  • support with scientific information and modern know-how the tourist enterprises 
  • assemble and  give intensity in the voice of specialists in tourism
  • support the planning of realistic tourist policy 
  • propose and apply solutions in the problems of the sector.




The ¦DR.A.T.T.E.¦ develops a variety of activities for the achievement of its aims. More analytically:

  • Functions office of interconnection of employers and employees of tourism
  • Mainains library of tourist books, magazines, research and studies in the establishment of the Association
  • It materialises programs of education of its members on issues of software for tourist enterprises and on career issues ¦
  • It allocates specialised advisers on postgraduate tourist studies issues
  • It covers the education at work for occupied in the ¦hotel enterprises, with covering of expenses from the program ¦LAEK¦.
  • It organises and materialises, missions of advisory teams in ¦hotel enterprises.
  • It undertakes the implementation of researches and studies in regard to the development of tourist enterprises or tourist regions.
  • It supports the tourist enterprises on issues of modern technology.
  • It functions scientific teams that examine the conditions concerning the tourism education and construct proposals to the responsible institutions.
  • Publishes the refereed scientific "Journal of Tourism Research"


Within the scope of the union are established two institutes:

  • The Tourism Studies and Research (T.S.R.I.), which is created to serve the scientific purposes of the union.
  • The Quality Evaluation Institute oriented to the market